User Training

FOM user account registration:
  1. Intended users should register as Yale Facility Online Management (FOM) user:
    • Click the “Yale FOM” link below the “Quick Links” in side menu on Cleanroom front page, login using NetId and password and start account setup.
    • Enter valid PI’s PTAEO number to finish setup.
Cleanroom training:
  1. Intended users are required to attend the School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) Cleanroom training first
    • Click “Yale SEAS Cleanroom”  to open the dropdown list in FOM User Home page
    • Click “orientation walkthrough” link to start application
  2. Onsite training conducted by cleanroom manager in West Campus
    • After receiving training in SEAS Cleanroom, click “YWC Cleanroom” in Yale West Campus Cleanroom in User Home pager to apply training
Equipment training:
  1. Users are required to finish cleanroom training first
  2. One on one or small group training on intended instrument inside cleanroom is given by the manager