Cleanroom Advisory Committee

Peter Rakich (Co-Chair, Applied Physics and Physics)

Andre Levchenko (Co-Chair, Biomedical Engineering, Systems Biology Institute)

Michael Crair (Neuroscience, School of Medicine)

Gary Brudvig (Chemistry, Energy Sciences Institute)

Rob Schoelkopf (Applied Physics and Physics)

Charles Ahn (Applied Physics & Physics Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science)

Hong Tang (Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics & Physics)

Fengnian Xia (Electrical Engineering)

Jung Han (Electrical Engineering)

Rong Fan (Biomedical Engineering)

Steve Girvin (Applied Physics and Physics)

Peter Schiffer (Applied Physics and Physics)

Michael Devoret (Applied Physics)

Jeffrey Brock (School of Engineering & Applied Science)

Lisa D’Angelo (Provost Office)

Ben Myers (Provost Office)

Yong Sun (University Cleanroom)

Lei Wang (West Campus Cleanroom)