Usage Rates

Internal Usage Rates

Equipment Usage Rate ($/hr)
Cleanroom 54
Suss MJB4 Mask Aligner 0
Zygo Nexview Profiler 0
Spin Coater 0
Autoglow Etcher 0
UHV Electron Beam Evaporator 0
Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Reactive Ion Etcher 62

SU8 photoresists are 15$/device for internal and non-profit users, 30$/device for external profit users.

For metals of Electron Beam Evaporator, Gold is charged by the thickness at $1.4/nm. All other metals (Ag, Ti, Cr, Al, Ni) are free to use.

Equipment fee is covered by Cleanroom fee. General solvents, acids, bases and photoresists are also provided and free to use.

External users please contact us directly for the rates.